VMware Cloud Foundation Management Domain Implementation with VLAN-Backed Networks
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VMware Cloud Foundation Management Domain Implementation with VLAN-Backed Networks


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VMware Cloud Foundation


By default, the VMware Validated Design Solution Extensions for VMware Cloud Foundation use NSX-T backed virtual network segments and dynamic routing using the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), when deploying the vRealize Suite components.

This procedure outlines how to deploy the vRealize Suite components without dynamic routing and BGP. The attached documentation provides step-by-step instructions required to deploy the vRealize Suite using VLAN backed networks in a VMware Cloud Foundation instance.

You are unable to deploy vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager to a VLAN backed network using VMware Cloud Foundation SDDC Manager.


VMware Cloud Foundation 4.x
VMware Cloud Foundation 3.x


1.Connect to SDDC Manager using a secure shell (SSH) client with the vcf user. 
2.Type su to elevate to root and enter the root_password.
3.Add the feature.vcf.avn.greenfield=false flag into the feature.properties file. (The below echo command will create the file if not present in the /home/vcf directory)
cd /home/vcf
echo "feature.vcf.avn.greenfield=false" >> feature.properties
chown vcf:vcf feature.properties
chmod 644 feature.properties
4.Cycle the services on the SDDC Manager to apply the changes. 


The remaining procedure for configuring NSX-T to support deployment of the vRealize Suite components on VLAN backed networks can be found in the attached PDF


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