VASA storage providers are missing
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VASA storage providers are missing


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VMware vCenter Server VMware vSAN


VASA storage providers are either not listed or have a status of Offline when checked from the vSphere client: 
  • vCenter > Configure > Storage Providers

Unable to create virtual machines because no there are no storage policies - this can be validated using the proactive VM creation test via the vSphere client: 
  • Cluster > Monitor > vSAN > Proactive Tests > VM creation test

Storage policy displays error similar to:
"There are incorrect or missing values below" in rule-set-1

Note: The preceding log excerpts are only examples. Date, time, and environmental variables may vary depending on your environment.


VMware vCenter Server 6.7.x
VMware vSAN 6.5.x
VMware vSAN 6.6.x
VMware vCenter Server 6.5.x


Perform the below steps to confirm port 8080 is open:

  • Ensure service vsanvp TCP port 8080 is enabled on ESXi firewall for both incoming/outgoing traffic:
    • Host > Configure > System > Firewall
  • Test port 8080 connection on vCenter Server to the host(s) using cURL and validate the VASA Provider(s) can be accessed:
    • # curl --insecure https://<host>:8080/version.xml
  • Telnet to the vCenter Server on port 8080. If the connection fails, check for firewalls blocking this port, either a physical firewall or a windows firewall.