EOA Basic Support for Federal, Plus NSX and vSAN
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EOA Basic Support for Federal, Plus NSX and vSAN


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This article provides information on the End of Availability (EOA) of Basic Federal Support and Basic Support for VMware NSX for vSphere and vSAN.


Effective August 9, 2018 the End of Availability (EOA) of Basic Federal Support and Basic Support for VMware NSX for vSphere and vSAN will take effect and the offering will no longer be quoted, although outstanding, active quotations will be orderable until their expiration.

Over the last several years VMware experienced vSAN maturing from being a relatively simple secondary storage platform in its initial versions, to becoming a more feature-rich, mission critical storage infrastructure.  In that evolution we have seen our customers place more and more of their critical systems on the vSAN storage platform, as VMware added capabilities like native encryption and stretched clustering for large-scale enterprise environments.  VMware increased the troubleshooting capabilities to handle the complexity and impact to address any performance degradation or outage, which often requires incident root cause analysis.

After considering customer engagements and feedback, VMware determined that environments running vSAN require a higher level of support service and responsiveness than what is promised by our Basic Support. This is consistent with the criticality of the production infrastructures and applications that our customers are running.  Therefore, VMware decided for customer satisfaction and success that the minimum level of support required for vSAN environments is Production Support, which provides a commitment to provide the best customer experience and service.

NSX has similarly matured over the years and is becoming a mission-critical large-enterprise infrastructure component, and for this technology the minimum level of support required is also Production Support.

All previously sold Federal Basic Support contracts will be fulfilled as promised; however, VMware may substitute equivalent or better support offerings in the future. VMware Federal Basic Support contracts and Basic Support contracts for NSX and vSAN will only need to change from Basic to Production at renewal time or when the customer upgrades to a new product edition, such as from an Advanced version to an Enterprise version.  Expiring Basic Support contracts are proposed to be renewed with Production Support.

For business critical or other production operations customers need Production Support; and development, test and DevOps environments are also better served by Production Support.

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