VOBs for vSAN SSD endurance alarm introduced in vSphere 8.0U2
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VOBs for vSAN SSD endurance alarm introduced in vSphere 8.0U2


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VMware vSAN


This article provides documentation on the vSAN SSD endurance alarms introduced in vSphere 8.0U2. These alarms are raised when an NVMe disk in a vSAN ESA cluster approaches the end of its endurance.


vCenter/ESXi running version 8.0U2 or higher
The following vSphere error and warning events are observed on an ESXi host when 
an NVMe disk in vSAN ESA cluster is almost running out of its endurance.

Event IDVOB messageSeverity
esx.problem.vsan.health.ssd.endurance.errorOne of the disks exceeds 90% of its estimated endurance threshold.Warning
esx.problem.vsan.health.ssd.endurance.warningOne of the disks exceeds the estimated endurance threshold.Critical


VMware vSAN 8.0.x


In the vSAN ESA cluster, vSphere performs NVMe disk endurance scans and checks every 12 hours. If any NVMe disk reaches or exceeds its endurance threshold, it triggers a Critical event, and if it reaches or exceeds 90% of its endurance threshold, it triggers a Warning event.


  • If a spare NVMe is available claim a new NVMe disk to the storage pool of the vSAN ESA cluster and evacuate an old one from the storage pool safely.
  • If there are no spare NVMes engage the hardware vendor to get a replacement NVMe so the failing NVMe can be replaced.