vSAN LSOM Elevator stopped causing high SSD/Log Congestion
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vSAN LSOM Elevator stopped causing high SSD/Log Congestion


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VMware vSAN


To provide guidance on addressing a known issue

Following symptoms can be seen:
  • Running ESXi 7.0 Update 1 or later
  • 'SSD Congestion' alarms in Skyline Health point to one or several DiskGroups in the cluster
  • Increasing 'ssdCongestion' / 'logCongestion' values when running GSS congestion check one liner:


# for ssd in $(localcli vsan storage list |grep "Group UUID"|awk '{print $5}'|sort -u);do echo $ssd;vsish -e get /vmkModules/lsom/disks/$ssd/info|grep Congestion;done

Tue Jul 20 19:56:18 UTC 2021
   ssdCongestion:227  <------- This is already too high, seeing a value <100 but incrementing is already enough to suspect.
   logCongestion:0   <------- In some cases logCongestion has increased and no ssdCongestion is present.

  • Following the DiskGroup's host in question, if you go to 'Host → Monitor → vSAN → Performance → Disks → Diskgroup → ', the "Write Buffer Free Percentage" is <70% and there is no throughput showing up at the "Cache Disk De-stage Rate" metric


VMware vSAN 7.0.x


Due to an underflow of the outstanding IO counter, vSAN elevator thinks that the capacity device already has outstanding IO to be de-staged and waits for that to complete before it can de-stage the next data. However, there are no pending IOs to complete with the capacity disk. Hence, we end up with no data being de-staged by the elevator.


Fixed in vSAN 7.0 U3g (EP5), please update to this build or newer to address the issue.

Additional Information

  • Overall vSAN performance could be impacted if PLOG consumption buildup has already caused vSAN congestion
  • VMs may start presenting different problems such as:
    •  Increased latency
    •  Switching to a "Read-Only" mode
    •  Guest OS getting stuck