SD-WAN Edge Memory Leak observed after upgrade to
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SD-WAN Edge Memory Leak observed after upgrade to


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Memory utilization is reporting high values in the Standby edge.

If memory usage is sufficiently high, the Standby Edge defensively restarts its Dataplane Service to clear the issue. The restart can impact traffic on below scenarios:
  1. For Enhanced HA enabled edges, the traffic flow via Standby edge will be disrupted for the duration edged service takes to restarts post memory exhaustion.
  2. HA/eHA enabled edges, when the Active edge failed (for any reason), simultaneously the Standby edge is on verge of edged service restart due to memory exhaustion threshold level reached.
This bug specifically impacts edges running versions and and utilizing High Availability (Standard and Enhanced).


VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud


The high memory usage is the result of a memory leak happening due to repeated PKI certificate config refresh happening on Standby.

This is caused by known issue #138006


This issue is resolved in VMware SD-WAN Edge version (R5222-20240223-GA). Release Notes -
For more information please see VMware SD-WAN Software Upgrade FAQs

On an HA site without a fix for this issue, the only workaround is to monitor memory usage and, should usage get too high, proactively restart Standby edge during a maintenance window to clear memory.

Memory can be monitored via SNMP. Monitoring the MIB: . (edged_mem_usage_pct) in your SNMP monitoring tool and trigger an alert when it reaches a threshold (>50%)

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