vCenter Server is showing alarm "The name '' already exists"
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vCenter Server is showing alarm "The name '' already exists"


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VMware vSAN


  • In /var/log/vmware/vsan-health/vmware-vsan-health-service.log on vCenter Server you see errors similar to:
2019-10-16T13:21:51.283Z ERROR vsan-mgmt[CloudHealthQuery-139886885975808] [VsanCloudHealthDaemon::run opID=noOpId] Failed to update online resources, details: Cannot update cloudHealth extension or regisiter alarms, detail is: (vim.fault.DuplicateName) {
   msg = "The name '' already exists.",
   faultCause = <unset>,
   faultMessage = (vmodl.LocalizableMessage) [],
   name = '',
   object = 'vim.alarm.Alarm:alarm-1409'


VMware vSAN 6.x


This is a known issue affecting 6.7 U3 and has been addressed in vCenter 7.0.

To workaround this issue, vSAN Health service on the vCenter Server can be restarted by running following command:
service-control --restart vsan-health

There is no impact on any vSAN cluster expected.

If the alarm comes back, try the following steps:
1. Go to vCenter -> Configure -> Alarm Definition
2. Find alarm "vSAN online health alarm 'Customer advisory for <alarm name mentioned after cloudhealth>'"
3. Delete this alarm.
4. Restart vSAN Health service as outlined above.

The deleted alarm will be added back. This is due to we have a mechanism to check and re-register all the system alarms when vSAN Health Service restarts.