Log tab intermittently disappears from the aria operations UI
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Log tab intermittently disappears from the aria operations UI


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VMware Aria Suite


To provide a workaround to prevent logs tab from disappearing in Aria Operations 8.10.x and later


Environment > Object Browser > Select object > Logs tab disappears intermittently


VMware vRealize Operations 8.10.x


There are 3 objects of adapter kind 'LogInsight', which are created and monitored by 'vRealizeOpsMgrAPI' adapter only.

The orphan object logic wrongly marks these objects as an 'orphan'. The resources are removed after resource retention period. vROps-LogInsight integration is broken as a result


Upgrade to Aria Operations 8.12.x


Important: Take snapshots of each of the VMware Aria Operations nodes before applying any of the steps below How to take a Snapshot of VMware Aria Operations.


1. Disable integration with Log Insight.

2. Ensure that these 3 objects are deleted (LogInsightLogServer, LogInsightLogServerHost, LogInsightAuth).

3. Extend retention period for these 3 Object Types in 'Deleted Objects' of Global Settings to max allowed 1440 hours (i.e. 60 days).

4. Stop and start all vRealizeOpsMgrAPI adapter instance resources.

5. Enable integration with Log Insight.

Additional Information


Integration with aria operations for logs is not working as it should