Log Disk Exhaustion caused by wcp stdstream.log
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Log Disk Exhaustion caused by wcp stdstream.log


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VMware vCenter Server


to prevent disk space exhaustion in the /storage/log partition

  • vSphere Client is displaying a warning "Log Disk Exhaustion on <vcenter-name>" on the summary page for the vCenter Server

  • Upon investigation the folder /var/log/vmware/wcp is found to be one of the or the largest folder on the /storage/log partition

  • looking in the folder, there is one or more very large stdstream.log files, similar to the example below:

    # ls -althrS /var/log/vmware/wcp | tail -5
    1.4M  -rw-------  1 wcp  lwisRegReader 1.4M <DATE> <TIME> stdstream.log-1.stderr
    34M  -rw-------  1 wcp  lwisRegReader  34M <DATE> <TIME>stdstream.log-4.stderr
    111M  -rw-------  1 wcp  lwisRegReader 111M <DATE> <TIME> stdstream.log.stderr
    1.1G  -rw-------  1 wcp  lwisRegReader 1.1G <DATE> <TIME> stdstream.log-3.stderr
    1.6G  -rw-------  1 wcp  lwisRegReader 1.6G <DATE> <TIME> stdstream.log-0.stderr



VMware vCenter Server 7.0.x


The stdstream.log.stderr logs are currently not rotated by size, but only when the wcp service restarts. When wcp runs for longer amounts of this, their size can therefore grow quite large, thus allocating large portions of the space available in /storage/log, and potentially resulting in the space getting exhausted.


Currently there is no permanent solution available.
VMware engineering is aware of this issue and working towards a fix in a future release


To mitigate this problem, please take a fresh backup of the vCenter Server Appliance, then remove all stdstream.log* files from the folder and restart the wcp service:

# service-control --stop wcp; rm /var/log/vmware/wcp/stdstream.log*; service-control --start wcp