Incorrect resource numbers calculated for project zone limits
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Incorrect resource numbers calculated for project zone limits


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VMware Aria Suite


Incorrect resource numbers are calculated within an Aria Automation (formally vRealize Automation 8.x) for project zone limits.


VMware vRealize Automation 8.x
VMware vRealize Orchestrator 8.x


VMware is aware of this issue and is considering inclusion for a fix in a later release.

See the Workaround section for additional information.



  • Please take simultaneous non-memory snapshots of each virtual appliance(s) in the cluster.
    • Use the quiesce option for versions 8.9.x+.
  • You have access to root user and password.
  • You have SSH or console access to each virtual appliance.


  1. Import vRO package com.vmware.pve.vra8.resourceAllocation_vX.package (X relates to the latest available version)
  2. Update variable vra_instance_name in workflow updateResourceAllocationForProjects to match the name of the configured vRA 8 instance in vRA 8 plugin.
  3. Run the workflow updateResourceAllocationForProjects, specifying as many projects as you would like to have updated.
  4. Review the summary at the end of the logs to make sure all resources were accounted for or to troubleshoot issues.

Note: This workflow can be run as often as required.

  • For SaaS customers, you will need to wait 24 hours for the changes to be visible.
  • For on-prem customers that do not want to wait 24 hours, (re-calculation is run on a schedule on vRA 8.10.2 and above) the re-calculation operation can be started manually by copying the bash script to a vRA node, make the executable with chmod +x cmd   and running the script with ./ command.

Additional Information

  • All version where resources were onboarded prior to 8.10.1.
  • All versions 8.10.1+ where Use placements is set to False within Onboarding plans.


UpdateResourceAllocation_v3 get_app