Deployments fail with 30 minute timeout on Minion deployment stage.
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Deployments fail with 30 minute timeout on Minion deployment stage.


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VMware VMware Aria Suite


  • VMware Aria Automation Config (formerly vRealize Automation SaltStack Config) deployments fail with 30-minute timeout on Minion deployment stage of build when deploying Minions onto a SSE Master Cluster. 
  • When this issue occurs, everything looks OK in the Salt UI - deploy.minion job completes successfully.
    • When we check the minion, it looks good as well. However, something is failing and never reporting success back to Aria Automation Config.
  • Error in the logs:
    Resource [/resources/compute/<UUID_1>]:: Salt resource with job id [<UUID_1>] failed. Error:: Timeout: Salt server did not respond in 30 minutes for job id [<UUID_1>]


VMware Aria Automation Config 8.x
VMware vRealize Automation SaltStack Config 8.11.x
VMware Aria Automation Config 8.12.x


During Salt resource creation, there is a 30-minute timeout for each Salt task polls for the status of the salt job for the below:
  • deploy.minion
  • key.accept
  • state.apply
If the status of the task in progress (ex: state.apply) has not been updated in 30 minutes, the salt resource creation will fail. This has been noted as an issue when there are long running state files.


This issue is resolved in VMware Aria Automation Config 8.12.1.

Currently there is no workaround for this issue.