Inventory sync in vRSLCM fails with LCMVIDMIMPORT0011 when syncing VMware Identity Manager
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Inventory sync in vRSLCM fails with LCMVIDMIMPORT0011 when syncing VMware Identity Manager


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VMware VMware Aria Suite


Address the LCMVIDMIMPORT0011 error received when performing an inventory sync against vIDM in vRSLCM.

  • While running the inventory sync for VMware Identity Manager (vIDM) from VMware Lifecycle Manager (vRSLCM), you see the following error:


  • The following log in vRSLCM /var/log/vrlcm/vmware_vrlcm.log file contains a communication error similar to the below
2023-02-23 17:10:16.169 INFO [pool-3-thread-39] c.v.v.l.p.a.s.Task - -- Injecting task failure event. Error Code : 'LCMVIDMIMPORT0011', Retry : 'true', Causing Properties : '{ CAUSE :: hostNameOrIP === vidmSystemAdminPassword }'
com.vmware.vrealize.lcm.vidm.common.exception.VidmVerifySystemAdminPasswordException: Error while getting login token.Unable to verify the systemAdminPassword for the host FQDN_OF_VIDMConnect to FQDN_OF_VIDM:8443 [FQDN_OF_VIDM/IP_OF_VIDM] failed: Connection timed out (Connection timed out)
 at com.vmware.vrealize.lcm.vidm.driver.helpers.VidmImportUtil.verifySystemAdminPassword( ~[vmlcm-vidmplugin-driver-8.6.0-SNAPSHOT.jar!/:?]


VMware vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.x
VMware Identity Manager 3.3.x


The following error LCMVIDMIMPORT0011 is generated in two scenarios:

  1. The passwords are expired.
  2. There are communication issues between vRSLCM and vIDM.


1. Error caused due to password failure:

2. Error caused due to communication failure:

  • Validate /var/log/vrlcm/vmware_vrlcm.log contains the following
    failed: Connection timed out (Connection timed out)
  • From the VRLCM console, run the following command:
    curl -v https://FQDN_OF_VIDM:8443
    • Validate the above command returns a connected response similar to the below screenshotimage.png
  • If the above curl command shows an error, validate if vRSLCM is able to communicate with vIDM over port 8443.
    • Once the port has been opened or vIDM services restored, perform the inventory sync again.
    • If the inventory sync fails again, please open a support request with Global Support.

Additional Information


  • Inventory sync fails against vIDM
  • You are no longer able to manage vIDM from vRSLCM