Size growth of the asd_event_processing_data table in vRealize Orchestrator
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Size growth of the asd_event_processing_data table in vRealize Orchestrator


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VMware Aria Suite


Resolve continuous growth of asd_event_processing_data table.

The vPostgreSQL table asd_event_processing_data continues to grow and the data is never purged.


VMware vRealize Automation 7.x
VMware vRealize Automation 7.2.x
VMware vRealize Automation 7.6.x


  • The asd_event_processing_data table is referenced by asd_workflowrunrequest.
  • The asd_workflowrunrequest table is purged regularly which can be configured in the /etc/vcac/ file by changing the default values of the following properties:​​​​​ 0 3 * * *
  • However, the referenced table asd_event_processing_data is not purged.


  1. Clean up the orphaned records in asd_event_processing_data:
DELETE FROM asd_event_processing_data epd WHERE NOT IN
(SELECT CAST (eventprocessingdataid AS UUID) FROM asd_workflowrunrequest req where eventprocessingdataid is not null);
  1. Reclaim the space used by the table by performing a vacuum:
vacuum (VERBOSE, FULL);

Additional Information

This fix contains manual database edits.  Ensure there is a valid rollback mechanism whether that be snapshots or a managed backup solution.

It is recommended to perform this activity during a maintenance window when system access is limited as the vacuum operation can take some time depending on the space purged.