vRealize Automation SaltStack Config 8.7.0 Build 19359172 Recall Notice
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vRealize Automation SaltStack Config 8.7.0 Build 19359172 Recall Notice


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VMware Aria Suite


The SaltStack Config team has recalled the recent vRealize Automation SaltStack Config 8.7.0 (build 19359172) release due to significant deployment issues. This recall was deemed necessary to minimize the potential risk of system downtime to vRealize Automation and SaltStack Config customers.

Rest assured that our team’s highest priority is to resolve these issues and restore functionality to our customers as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work around the clock to find a solution. We will release a new build of SaltStack Config 8.7.0 as soon as these issues are resolved.

Note: vRealize Automation 8.7.0 customers who do not use SaltStack Config are not impacted by this issue.

Which customers are impacted by this issue?

The following customers are impacted:

  • Customers with existing deployments of vRealize Automation with SaltStack Config prior to 8.7.0 will find that vRealize Lifecycle Manager (vRSLCM) upgrade of SaltStack Config results in failure.
  • In new vRealize Automation SaltStack Config 8.7.0 installations, minions running Salt 3004.1 fail to connect to Salt masters running version 3004 or earlier.
  • SaltStack Config deployments of 8.6.2 and 8.7.0 (prior to re-release) will encounter an issue in which masters fail to renew their authentication token periodically.

What issues will customers experience?

Customers who have upgraded to SaltStack Config 8.7.0 using vRSLCM might find that their system is no longer responsive, meaning SaltStack Config can’t issue commands to the Salt minions or receive inbound messages from the Salt minions.

Customers will notice that they can accept keys on the Salt master in SaltStack Config, but the master.pub/minion_master.pub file never gets downloaded to the /etc/salt/pki/minion/ on the minion.

What is the temporary workaround?

If possible:

  • Do not upgrade to vRealize Automation SaltStack Config 8.7.
  • Roll back to vRealize Automation SaltStack Config 8.6.2.
  • Upgrade your Salt masters to the latest version before upgrading your Salt minions.

What is the plan to address this issue?

Resolving this issue is VMware's highest priority. We will release a fix for this issue as soon as it is available. We will notify customers as soon as the release is available. You can access new releases using Customer Connect.

Additional action required for related issue

The Salt Project recently released the 3004.1 version of Salt. If customers upgrade their Salt minions to 3004.1 before upgrading their Salt masters, the minions will fail to communicate with the Salt master. Salt masters running 3004 or earlier cannot communicate with Salt minions running 3004.1.

Note that this also impacts customers with Salt minions running 3003.4 and 3002.8. These minions will not be able to communicate with Salt masters running versions 3003.3 or 3002.7.

Additionally, the Salt Project team has already determined that the Salt 3004.1 will require a patch release due to a recently discovered issue. The team is working to create the patch release and plans to release it as soon as possible.

To prevent this issue, upgrade your Salt masters to the latest version before upgrading your Salt minions.

Contact Support for additional help if needed.


VMware vRealize Automation 8.7.x
VMware Aria Automation Config 8.12.x