Confirming and bench testing MSDTC communication for vRA
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Confirming and bench testing MSDTC communication for vRA


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VMware Aria Suite


MSDTC connectivity and proper configuration is a requirement for a successful deployment of vRealize Automation (formerly known as VMware vCloud Automation Center). This article provides a PowerShell script and the instructions to test the MSDTC connectivity and performance.


To test your MSDTC connectivity and performance:
  1. Download the file attached to this article and extract the PowerShell script to all IaaS Model Manager web or Manager Service servers.
  2. Open PowerShell from each server as an administrator.
  3. Run the script using these arguments:
    Note: Execute the power shell script with the account that you are using to access the SQL DB.  Powershell does a integratedsecurity=true and ignore alternate credentials for remote SQL authentications.


SQL Server instance.

Defaults to localhost.


User to connect to the SQL Server. For this variable you need to use the vRealize Automation service account to ensure you have proper permissions and access to the SQL database.

If empty, uses Windows Auth. Defaults to empty (and thus, windows auth).


Password to use, for the user.

This value is ignored, if the User argument is not provided or is empty.


Number of times to execute the query.

Defaults to 101.

DatabaseDatabase to use, Defaults to vCaC database.

Use -Database parameter to provide an alternate DB name.

The output of the this shell script contains the MSDTC performance data. Generally, anything around 100ms is a good time and 500ms indicates an acceptable connection. Anything more than 1 second may indicate possible connection issues or lag that could cause problems with connectivity:


Number of times the query was executed


Average of the query execution times (in milliseconds)


Total time of query execution for all attempts (in milliseconds)


Highest time of query execution (in milliseconds)


Smallest time of query execution (in milliseconds)


Not applicable. Can be ignored.

For example: PS c:\test> .\sql_distributed_transaction.ps1 -Server localhost -User sa -Password P@$$w0rd -Attempts 2

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