Troubleshooting View default.NetworkViewName not found after changing Network view name in Infoblox
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Troubleshooting View default.NetworkViewName not found after changing Network view name in Infoblox


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VMware Aria Suite


  • After renaming a Network View in Infoblox, VMware Aria Automation (formerly vRealize Automation) provisioning leveraging that network fails with an error similar to:

'View default.NewNetworkViewName not found'


VMware Aria Automation 8.x
VMware vRealize Automation 8.x


  • A network view is different to a DNS Zone (DNS view) in Infoblox.
  • Network views are like a namespace where the IP ranges are located.
  • Every network view has DNS zones (DNS views).

When you create a network view, you then must create a DNS zone for it. By default, if you do not specify a name for the DNS zone, the DNS zone will be named the same as the network view.

In VMware Aria Automation, when a DNS view (DNS zone) is not specified in the cloud template then it tries to use a DNS view that has the same name as the network view selected. This is why the previous error is shown when the network view name does not match the DNS view name.

Note: When you change the name of the Network view the name of the DNS view is NOT changed.

Example: If you create a new network view 'Network1', by default a 'Network1' DNS zone is created. 
When you change the name of your network view from 'Network1' to 'Network1-Prod', the name of the DNS zone remains unchanged and is still 'Network1'.


There are two options available after renaming a Network view in Infoblox to restore functionality in Aria Automation:


1. Change the name of the DNS zone to match again the Network view name.

You can change the name of the DNS zone from the Infoblox appliance:

  1. Select Network view > Data Management > DNS > Zones. Here you can find the available DNS views that you have.
  2. Change the DNS zone name to match the new Network View name. In the example previously provided this would be from Network1 to Network1-Prod

2. Use a cloud template property to specify the DNS view.

  1. The property is Infoblox.IPAM.Network.dnsView and it is added to the VM properties in the blueprint.
    Infoblox.IPAM.Network.dnsView: '<dns-zone-name>'


Infoblox.IPAM.Network.dnsView: 'Network1-Prod'
For more information on this property, see the Using Infoblox-specific properties for IPAM integrations in cloud templates section of the Aria Automation documentation.