Log locations for VMware vRealize Automation
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Log locations for VMware vRealize Automation


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VMware Aria Suite


This article provides information about the log file locations and contents for VMware vRealize Automation 8.x


VMware vRealize Automation 8.3.x


The log locations are spread across multiple locations depending on the architecture of your vRealize Automation environment. These are the log locations and generic log content.
ServerLog locationLog purpose
vRealize Automation Appliance/services-logs/{namespace}/{service}/file-logs/{container}.logvRA logs for user-facing services
vRealize Automation Appliance/services-logs/{namespace}/{service}/console-logs/{container}.logvRA Stdout logs for user-facing services and all logs from infrastructure services
vRealize Automation Appliance/services-logs/logging/*Fluentd and migration logs
vRealize Automation Appliance/var/log/deploy.logVA Deploy log
vRealize Automation Appliance/var/log/bootstrap/{firstboot, everyboot, preupdate, postupdate}.logvRA Bootstrap logs
vRealize Automation Appliance/var/log/loginsight-agent/*vRA Log Insight Agent logs
vRealize Automation Appliance/var/log/journal/*VA level system service logs. Use journalctl to access
vRealize Automation Appliance/var/log/vmware/prelude/*vRA Service status, disk usage and helm logs