Installation of DEM Orchestrator or DEM worker (DEO/DEM) fails
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Installation of DEM Orchestrator or DEM worker (DEO/DEM) fails


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VMware Aria Suite


This article gives information to isolate and resolve DEM install failures in vRealize Automation 7.x.

Installation of vRealize Automation 7.x fails during the installation of the DEM Orchestrator or DEM Worker with any of the following errors:
  • Manager Service endpoint connectivity validation failed: The service may be unresponsive or not started.
  • Trusted connectivity validation failed for address " https://<FQDNofManagerServer>/VMPS "
  • The call to " https://<FQDNofManagerServer>/VMPS " failed with the status code: ServiceUnavailable (503).
  • Thumbprint mismatch for address " https://<FQDNofManagerServer>/VMPS " and thumbprint "<Thumbprint>"


VMware vRealize Automation 7.0.x


These failures can be caused by any of the following situations:
  • The Manager Service is installed but has not been properly started.
  • The address of the Manager Service that is being used during installation is incorrect or is not reachable via the DEM Orchestrator or Worker service.
  • If using load balanced Manager Service servers, the load balancer may be incorrectly routing the validation check to a server where the Manager Service is not installed or not running.


To resolve this, refer the following steps and suggestions:
  1. Based on the error, confirm that the correct Manager Service server address is being tested for validation.
    1. If the incorrect address is specified in the error, confirm your input for addresses, verify that load balancers are pointing only to the active Manager Service server, and confirm that there are no host entries that could be causing a problem on the vRA Appliance or any of the IaaS web servers.
  2. Log in to the DEM server using the service account specified during installation.
  3. Verify that you can ping and resolve the correct Manager Service server.
  4. Open Internet Explorer and attempt to navigate to the Manager Server service specified in the error. Use https://FQDN/vmps for the address.
    1. The response should be a page showing the ProvisionService Service and the text included is you have created a service.
    2. If this page shows an error such as 404 or 401, verify that the Manager Service you are attempting to reach is started and that it is the only Manager Service running in the environment.
Noteservices.msc can be used to start or stop services in Windows operating systems.
  1. Refer to KB article 2114572 navigating to Validating IaaS configuration section for a deeper dive on troubleshooting why the Manager Service is not started or is not running.
  2. View the certificate presented on the ProvisionService Service page to confirm that the correct certificate has been installed for the Manager Service.

You will need to correct any issues identified prior to a retry installation of the failed components. Alternatively, you can end the installation wizard at this point and install the remaining components (DEM Orchestrators, DEM Workers, and Proxy Agents) manually allowing you to move forward after resolving the install failure cause. You will need to perform additional steps after completing these installs such as licensing if you choose this path.

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