Patch for vRealize Automation 8.6.0
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Patch for vRealize Automation 8.6.0


Article ID: 325948


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VMware Aria Suite


This patch addresses critical issues in vRealize Automation 8.6.0 that may result in environment downtime.

The patch will perform the following steps for each node:

  1. Fix the upgrade progress monitor and patch installer
  2. Fix the service responsible for automatically cleaning up old files
  3. Trigger cleanup of the logs disk (Hard disk 3) by deleting oldest entries from /var/log/services-logs if the disk has less than 30% free space.
  4. If any of the nodes have less than 5% space available on Hard disk 3 before the patch installation started, all nodes will be rebooted and all services will be redeployed. Otherwise, these steps will be skipped.


This article contains a list of critical issues that are resolved in the latest cumulative update available for vRealize Automation 8.6.0.

Resolved In List

  1. System runs out of disk space on /var/log. UI becomes inaccessible due to failing disk health check, logs of services are lost.
  2. Upgrade progress monitor may not detect if VAMI installation has exited abnormally, waits indefinitely.
  3. Patch installer ignores RPM exclusion list, may affect installation of other patches.
  4. Log bundle collector skips older infra logs and configuration files, might complicate troubleshooting.


VMware vRealize Automation 8.6.x


The steps to install the patch using vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager are as follows:
  1. Download the attached vrlcm-vra-8.6.0- upload it in vRSLCM under /data.
  2. Login to the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager UI.
  3. Navigate to Settings > Binary Mappings
  4. Click Patch Binaries > Add Patch Binary and specify /data in the input field.
  5. Click Discover. Select vrlcm-vra-8.6.0- and add it to the mapping.
  6. Trigger the patch installation for vRealize Automation from the product details within the Environments page using the product actions, click Patches > Install Patch.
  7. Select the patch from the list.
  8. Click Next.
  9. Select the check box I have taken care of the above storage requirement and am ready to proceed.
  10. Click Next.
  11. Review and Install the available patch and click Finish.
  12. The patch install request progress can be tracked under Requests.
  13. To view the history of patches from Environments, click Patches > History.


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