Connector page is blank when connectors are missing an oAuth2ClientId in the database Connector table.
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Connector page is blank when connectors are missing an oAuth2ClientId in the database Connector table.


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VMware Aria Suite


  • A node is re-joined to the cluster after it had previously been removed following KB 2149866.
  • Within Administration, Directories Management or Connectors the re-joined node does not have a connector listed.
  • Within /var/log/vmware/horizon/horizon.log the below errors are observed when authentication requests hit the re-joined node connector. 
    • Note: The 4 digit connector ID will differ in each enviroment
2019-01-26 13:58:19,525 INFO (Timer-16) [[email protected];;] - Failed to getOAuth2AccessToken: : 401
2019-01-26 13:58:19,525 WARN (Timer-16) [[email protected];;] com.vmware.horizon.connector.admin.service.FetchOrgConfigForSAMLAttributeService - Failed to fetch org config for sending password. Continuing to use existing setting.
com.vmware.horizon.connector.exception.HorizonException: Could not get the Suite Token from Service.
 at com.vmware.horizon.connector.admin.service.impl.TokenGenerationServiceImpl.getSuiteToken(
 at com.vmware.horizon.connector.admin.service.FetchOrgConfigForSAMLAttributeService.getSendPasswordOrgConfig(
 at com.vmware.horizon.connector.admin.service.FetchOrgConfigForSAMLAttributeService.syncIfAppropriate(
 at com.vmware.horizon.connector.admin.service.FetchOrgConfigForSAMLAttributeService.access$100(
 at com.vmware.horizon.connector.admin.service.FetchOrgConfigForSAMLAttributeService$
 at java.util.TimerThread.mainLoop(
Caused by: {
  "error": "invalid_client",
  "error_description": "Client is not found."
 at com.vmware.horizon.connector.admin.RestHorizonServiceImpl.signIn(
 at com.vmware.horizon.connector.admin.service.impl.TokenGenerationServiceImpl.getSuiteToken(
 ... 6 more
Caused by: /token


VMware vRealize Automation 7.x


There is no related OAuth2Client for the Connector worker with an ID of "####" in OAuth2Client vPostgres table.


Follow KB2149866 to clean up the impacted node.
How to remove a vRealize Automation appliance from a cluster
  1. Identify the Connector ID from the Connector table which is missing an "oAuth2ClientID".
SELECT id, "tenantId", host, "createdDate", "oAuth2ClientId", version FROM saas."Connector";
  1. Delete the Connector by ID that is missing an "oAuth2ClientID" from the Connector table.
DELETE from "Connector" where id=6674;
  1. Remove the impacted Connector from /usr/local/horizon/conf/states/VSPHERE.LOCAL/ directory.
cd /usr/local/horizon/conf/states/VSPHERE.LOCAL
mv 3209 6674 /tmp
mv 3209 6725 /tmp
  1. Reboot all Replica Nodes
  2. On the impacted replica Node, remove the below files

cd /usr/local/horizon/conf/states
rm -r /usr/local/horizon/conf/states

cd /usr/local/horizon/conf/flags
rm sysconfig.firstboot
rm sysconfig.mac_address
rm sysconfig.hostname

  1. Restart the horizon service

service horizon-workspace restart

  1. From the impacted replica node, perform a Cluster Join operation within the vRA VAMI within the Cluster tab.
  2. After the Cluster Join operation completes successfully, confirm that the impacted node has a unique connector ID and a value in the "oAuth2ClientId" table.

SELECT "id", "tenantId", "host", "createdDate", "oAuth2ClientId", "version" FROM saas."Connector";