How to increase the Puppet script timeout to be greater than 20 minutes
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How to increase the Puppet script timeout to be greater than 20 minutes


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VMware Aria Suite


Modify the timing and interval settings for Puppet scripts to run from the Cloud Assembly templates.

Deployments fail with the following message:
Create Puppet node timeout after '20' minutes


VMware vRealize Automation 8.x


The default time out values for Puppet scripts is set to check 20 intervals of 60 seconds causing a 20-minute timeout cap.


There is a way to increase the default timeout using properties "puppetMaxRuns" and "puppetRunsIntervalInSeconds".

These are internal properties that are not exposed in the blueprint schema for puppet resource, hence we do not see them listed under puppet resource properties in the canvas. They can be tweaked in order to increase the default request timeout of 20 minutes.

puppetMaxRuns - property to increase the likelihood of success when installing puppet agent. vRA will retry executing puppet agent run "puppetMaxRuns" times, until successful. Default: 10
puppetRunsIntervalInSeconds - Interval (in seconds) after which vRA retries a puppet run which failed. Default : 30

If the task takes about 25 minutes, we can set these properties like below:
    type: Cloud.Puppet
      host: '${resource["Cloud_vSphere_Machine_1"].*}'
      role: 'role::sql_server_${input.sqlVersion}_role'
      osType: windows
      environment: '${propgroup.puppet.puppetEnv}'
      puppetMaxRuns: 20
      puppetRunsIntervalInSeconds: 100
The request will not time out until 20*100 seconds. This should be sufficient for the other long running usecases.

Additional Information

Deployment timeout will cause the deployment to fail.