Validating VMware Aria Automation SaaS Cloud Extensibility proxy health
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Validating VMware Aria Automation SaaS Cloud Extensibility proxy health


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VMware Aria Suite


The goal of this article is to provide a list of suggested steps to validate the health of the Cloud Extensibility Proxy.
Cloud Extensibility Proxy allows running of action-based extensibility (abx) or orchestrator workflows-actions on VMware Aria Automation SaaS.

Related Links: The Cloud Extensibility Proxy can be used for running abx actions, orchestrator workflows and actions. They are also used for integrating VMware Aria Automation SaaS with an IPAM provider, Active Directory and Github Enterprise.


  1. Validating services and appliance health

docker ps
sh /data-collector-status --docker
sh /data-collector-status --traceroute
kubectl get pods -n prelude
vracli service status
vracli status first-boot


  • sh /data-collector-status –traceroute indicates that a data collector is not able to access of one URLs. Validate your internet connectivity and firewall configuration.
  • If several of the pods are not running/healthy (kubectl get pod -n prelude) this could be caused by:
  • When running the script /opt/health/, the most common issues are
    • validate on vCenter that the appliance(s) has/have an IP. Validate the disk space as suggested in the following section. Validate DNS as suggested in the following sectio
  1. Validating Disk Space

    vracli disk-mgr
    df -hi
At least 20% of available disk space is required on all the partitions. If any of the partitions are under 20%, find the files that are consuming the space by running:
find ID1 -size +100M -exec du -h {} \; | less
Note: Where ID1 is the name of the partition.
find / -size +100M -exec du -h {} \; | less
find /data -size +100M -exec du -h {} \; | less
find /var/log -size +100M -exec du -h {} \; | less
find /home -size +100M -exec du -h {} \; | less
  • If there are old log bundles, database dumps, or *.hprof files, they may be safely removed. The log bundles are usually located in /home/root/log-bundle-YYYYMMDDTHHMMSS.tar
  • If required, the disk space may be expanded following Increase VMware Aria Automation appliance disk space.
  • If there are disk space issues in the /data partition this can be caused due to a table growing abnormally. Follow the next steps:
  1. Take a snapshot of the appliance.
  2. SSH to the appliance and run the following commands in order to understand the largest databases.
    vracli dev psql
    #type yes#
    SELECT pg_database.datname as "database_name", pg_database_size(pg_database.datname)/1024/1024 AS size_in_mb FROM pg_database ORDER by size_in_mb DESC;
  1. Once you have identified the database name that is consuming the space, connect to the DB and validate the largest tables. Replacing ID2 with the DB name.
    \c ID2
    SELECT nspname || '.' || relname AS "relation", pg_size_pretty(pg_total_relation_size(C.oid)) AS "total_size" FROM pg_class C LEFT JOIN pg_namespace N ON (N.oid = C.relnamespace) WHERE nspname NOT IN ('pg_catalog', 'information_schema') AND C.relkind <> 'i' AND nspname !~ '^pg_toast' ORDER BY pg_total_relation_size(C.oid) DESC LIMIT 20;
  1. Validating DNS

    1. Run the following commands in the appliance
      nslookup $( iface-ip eth0 )
      nslookup $( uname -n)
    2. The DNS record must use Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDNs), no short name. A single A record and a single PTR record is required. Then, run these commands:
      /usr/bin/dig +noall +answer +nocookie -x $( iface-ip eth0 )
      /usr/bin/dig +noall +answer +noedns -x $( iface-ip eth0 )
      /usr/bin/dig +noall +answer -x $( iface-ip eth0 )
  1. Validating NTP

vracli ntp status
  1. Restarting all the pods

  2. Restarting specific pods

    kubectl -n prelude scale deployment ID1 --replicas=0
    kubectl -n prelude scale deployment ID1 --replicas=1

Note: Where ID1 is the pod name, for example:

kubectl -n prelude scale deployment vco-app --replicas=0
kubectl -n prelude scale deployment vco-app --replicas=1
  1. Log bundle creation

    sh /generate-log-bundle
  • Log locations
 Note: This log will be available depending on the CEXP use case (abx or Orchestrator)
  1. VMware Aria Automation Orchestrator service

  • In case the Cloud Extensibility proxy is used for integrating with VMware Aria Orchestrator, there is a helpful health validation that may be found in VMware Aria Automation Orchestrator Control Center.
    • Login using root credentials to control center https://CEXPFDN/vco-controlcenter
    • Click on Validate Configuration.
  1. Best Practices