Disable Internet Information Services (IIS) App Pool Recycling in vRealize Automation 7.x
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Disable Internet Information Services (IIS) App Pool Recycling in vRealize Automation 7.x


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VMware Aria Suite


When you provision virtual machines using VMware vRealize Automation 7.x workflows, you may experience these symptoms:
  • Provisioning a virtual machine using VMware vRealize Automation 7.x workflows fails unexpectedly.
  • Provisioning a virtual machine fails to progress through the expected lifecycle
  • In the All.log file of the VMware vCloud Automation Center service, you see that service progress ends without any errors.
  • For example, when you provision a virtual machine, it is disposed successfully, deleted from vCenter Server, but fails to build and clone as within the expected lifecycle. 
Note: The Repository Application Pool Recycle frequency can also cause intermittent errors. You might see entries similar to:
Failed to start repository service. Reason: System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path 'C:\windows\TEMP\RepositoryCache\Repository\DynamicOps.ManagementModel.Common.dll' is denied.
  • In an environment that uses Event Broker Subscriptions to vRealize Orchestrator, you may see similar errors in /var/log/vmware/vco/app-server/server.log:
{Error Msg: Error while retrieving resources from provider [Infrastructure Service] for resource type [Virtual Machine].}, {System Msg: Error while retrieving resources from provider [{[email protected]}] for resource type [{com.vmware.csp.component.iaas.proxy.provider@resource.type.registration.name.Infrastructure.Virtual}].} )  ( [Rest Error]: {Status code: 400}, {Error code: 10107} , {Error Source: null}, {Error Msg: You cannot perform that action because the system cannot connect to the provider at https://vra01iaas01.rainpole.local/WAPI/.}, {System Msg: Provider service is not available or in error state.})
  • On the IaaS Web server, System events log the following informational messages:
A worker process with process id of 'XXXX' serving application pool 'vCACAppPool' has requested a recycle because the worker process reached its allowed processing time limit.


VMware vRealize Automation 7.x


You may disable the Application Pool Recycling in your environment to avoid such issues. 

To disable the Application Pool recycling:
  1. On your Web Server machine(s), open Internet Information (IIS) Services.
  2. In the IIS tree, expand the current machine and select Application Pools.
  3. Select RepositoryAppPool and click "Recycling…" hyperlink from the right hand menu
  4. Uncheck all boxes (by default, "Regular time intervals (in minutes)" option is selected) 
  5. Press Next and then Finish
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 for VCACAppPool and WapiAppPool.