Unable to unregister SSO within vCloud Director
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Unable to unregister SSO within vCloud Director


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VMware Cloud Director


When attempting to unregister the Single Sign-On (SSO) service within vCloud Director the following error is returned:
Error unregistering with Lookup Service https://[vcloud-director-url]:7444/lookupservice/sdk.
- Error unregistering with lookup service. null

Other errors potentially associated with this issue:

(when using SSO to Log-in)
[400] An error occurred while processing the authentication response from the vCenter Single Sign-On server. Details: HTTP error code: 400, status: BadResponse, sub status: No matching request found.

(when already logged in)
[500] (cis.cm.fault.ComponentManagerFault) { faultCause = null, faultMessage = null, errorCode = 2, errorMessage = OBJECT_NOT_FOUND }


When attempting to unregister the SSO service, improper entries in the vCloud Director SSL database may conflict with the ability to resolve the necessary information to complete the unregister task.
This may occur in such cases as:
  • After having restored a backup of your vCloud Director database.
  • Recovering from a failed vCloud Director version upgrade.
In either case, an entry in the vCloud Director SQL Database within the table:
may retain stale information about where to find where your current lookup service is registered.




Removing the entry from the [dbo].[config] table associated with the fault should restore the ability to unregister SSO.

To do so proceed as follows:
  1. Backup your database (Optional, highly recommended)
  2. Run the following queries against your vCloud Director database
    1. SELECT * from [dbo].[config] where value= 'https://[vcloud-director-url]:7444/lookupservice/sdk'
      1. If this query returns a result, proceed to the next step.
    2. DELETE from [dbo].[config] where value= 'https://[vcloud-director-url]:7444/lookupservice/sdk'
      1. This should return 1 row updated.
You should now no longer encounter the errors listed at the beginning of this article and attempts to unregister your SSO service should succeed.