NSX-T Manager Upgrade Stalls with GUI and API Inaccessible
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NSX-T Manager Upgrade Stalls with GUI and API Inaccessible


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VMware NSX Networking


NSX-T Manager fails to complete upgrade from 2.3.0 to 2.3.1, leaving the GUI and API inaccessible. The failure occurs at the install_os step.   

NSX manager upgrade process goes through 10 different steps and on each step a particular script to executed to perform certain tasks
Following are the steps:

  - name: pre_upgrade_validation
  - name: shutdown_manager
  - name: install_os
  - name: migrate_manager_config
  - name: switch_os
  - name: reboot
  - name: run_migration_tool
  - name: start_manager
  - name: update_upgrade_status
  - name: finish_upgrade


VMware NSX-T Data Center


There is a cron job that runs a "du" command on partitions periodically in the NSX-T 2.3 release. This cron job can interfere in the "install_os" scripts that are also running in the background as part of the upgrade. 


This issue will be resolved in NSX-T 2.4 release. So, upgrades to 2.4 will not hit this issue. 

To workaround this issue, please contact VMware NSX-T support.