"Cannot delete organization VDC network XXXXX" error when deleting a direct Organization VDC network in VMware Cloud Director.
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"Cannot delete organization VDC network XXXXX" error when deleting a direct Organization VDC network in VMware Cloud Director.


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VMware Cloud Director


  • The affected Organization VDC network is backed by an NSX-T Segment
  • Deleting the direct organization VDC network from the UI results in following error:
Cannot delete organization VDC network <network-name>
  • Within /opt/vmware/vcloud-director/logs/vcloud-container-debug.logthe following snippet can be seen:

com.vmware.vcloud.api.presentation.service.BadRequestException: Cannot delete organization VDC network <Name of Network>(<ID of Network>) at com.vmware.vcloud.networking.model.network.OrgVdcNetwork.undeployAndDelete(OrgVdcNetwork.java:155) at com.vmware.vcloud.networking.services.handlerproxy.activity.networks.OrgVdcNetworkActivity.deleteOrgVdcNetwork(OrgVdcNetworkActivity.java:39)


VMware Cloud Director 10.x


This issue occurs when the tags associated with the NSX-T Segment backing the Direct Network is missing.


          This is a known issue affecting VMware Cloud Director 10.4.x versions.
          The issue is resolved in VMware Cloud Director 10.5, available at VMware Downloads.

          If you cannot upgrade to VMware Cloud Director 10.5, please use the workaround specified in the Workaround section below.

          1. From the Provider portal, click External Networks.
          2. Locate the external Network that is connected to the affected OrgVDC network.
          3. Click the name of the external network to display its details.
          4. From the URL of the browser,copy the full URI of the external network.
          For example: 
          The URI needed is:urn:vcloud:network:312dfe56-4601-411f-9159-f8390a0cc6f6

          5. Login into NSX-T.
          6. Click Networking in the top tab.
          7. Click Segments under Connectivity.
          8. Locate the segment that is backing the External Network in VCD.
          9. Edit the segment and add the URI from Step 4 into the tags section and with scope type "SYSTEM".
          10. Save the changes made to the Segment.
          11. The Org VDC network can now be deleted successfully from the VCD UI.


          Additional Information

          When a backing NSX-T Segment for an External Network has its tags deleted in NSX-T (entire field removed, not just set to null), deleting a connected Direct Org VDC Network results in `BadRequestException: Cannot delete organization VDC network` error.