Empty manifest when deploying containers in Cloud director 10.5 Content Hub
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Empty manifest when deploying containers in Cloud director 10.5 Content Hub


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VMware Cloud Director


  • When using Content Hub to deploy a container, some images like kubeapps, nginx-ingress, etc. are having issues.
  • The manifest files for the affected images are found empty,
  • The container images are provided by VMware Market Place.
  • Different browser (Firefox, Edge, Chrome etc) displays the same behavior.


VMware Cloud Director 10.x


 This is a known issue affecting Cloud Director 10.5.x when subscribing to VMware Marketplace.


This issue will be resolved in a later release of Cloud Director.
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To work around this issue, one of the following methods can be carried out:

  1. Download the helmchart file and paste its values.yaml content into Manifests Editor:
    1. Find the file transfer link from the browser console, for example, "https://vcd.example.com/transfer/b4707270-9a46-418f-bfe5-5a3a0ca63028/file". The link appears after you click Show Advanced Settings as per Working with Container Applications in Your VMware Cloud Director Tenant Portal.
    2. Copy the link from Step a into the browser address bar to download the file.
    3. Extract values.yaml from the downloaded file binary and paste its content into Manifests Editor.
  2. Add the public bitnami helm chart repository https://repo.vmware.com/bitnami-files as catalog source and import the charts,

Note: Bitnami helm charts on Marketplace are available on public bitnami repository.