How to change the primary resource pool for a Provider VDC in VMware Cloud Director
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How to change the primary resource pool for a Provider VDC in VMware Cloud Director


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VMware Cloud Director


Current Cloud Director versions do not have the capability to switch a Provider VDC's secondary resource pool to primary via UI or API.


    VMware Cloud Director 10.x


    The recommended option to address this scenario is to merge the Provider VDCs.

    1. Create a new Provider VDC backed by the NEW resource pool.

    2. Merge the NEW Provider VDC to the existing Provider VDC by following the documentation. Step 3 refers to the new and Step 4 refers to the legacy Provider VDCs in the documentation.

    3. Disable the legacy resource pool.

    4. Migrate the VMs from the legacy to the new resource pool.

    5. Remove the legacy resource pool.


    • The direction of the merge is very important in this process. For example: Merge PVDC2(new) with PVDC1(legacy) to make the resource pool on PVDC2 the primary.
    • Make sure the Prerequisites mentioned in the documentation is already applicable for your environment.
    • For example: if the existing PVDC has non-elastic OVDCs(non-elastic allocation or reservation type),then the merge will fail with the following error:
    Error: [ ebaecfb5-fb1a-4397-90c2-6564479e93f4 ] Validation errors during merge of Provider VDC. Cannot merge Provider vDCs because non elastic Ovdcs (Reservation Pool or non elastic AllocationPool) exists in the provider VDC to be merged. Merging of Provider vDCs that contain Reservation Pool OrgVDCs is not supported.