"Instantiate a vApp template" workflow fails in vRO with duplicate name error.
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"Instantiate a vApp template" workflow fails in vRO with duplicate name error.


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VMware Aria Suite


This article provides steps to change the socket timeout value of vCloud Director vRO plugin and avoid the VCD workflows fails due to the slow VCD responses

- OOTB  vCloud Director plugin workflow  "Instantiate a vApp template" fails in VRO fails in VRO
- In VRO logs you can find messages like below
com.vmware.vcloud.api.presentation.service.DuplicateNameException: The VMware Cloud Director entity **** already exists.
- you can also find that the workflow is executed twice, first run fails but a vApp is created in vCD and second run fails with DuplicateNameException.
- VCD plugin affected 7.6 vCD Plugin


VMware vRealize Orchestrator 8.x
VMware vRealize Orchestrator 7.x


The problem was double workflow runs is related to the response time of VCD
The first call of WF execution is failing with SocketTimeoutException while waiting for the response.Caused by: java.net.SocketTimeoutException: SocketTimeoutException invoking https://cloud.local/9683a497-197e-4c65-8837-5898f83f5204/action/instantiateVAppTemplate: Read timed out
Caused by: java.net.SocketTimeoutException: Read timed out
Timeout is happening while waiting for VCD response. By this time, the request has been received and already started being processed in vCD. Because of this error, there is a re-attempt to send the request from plug-in resulting in DUPLICATE_NAME error.

In general the issue can be seen when the VCD responses are above the default API response timeout in VCD plugin..


To resolve this issue the two steps are needed
1. Update the VCD plugin to the o11nplugin-vcloud-
MD5: c8bdfbe7277d9a6d974fcfcba280e628  o11nplugin-vcloud-

2. Change the socket timeout value of vCloud Director vRO plugin
The receive timeout for communication between vRO plugin and vCloud director is 60 seconds. This results in a timeout error when vCloud Director takes longer than 60 seconds to respond to a request from vRO plugin. It also results in duplicate API call.
Change the the socket timeout value of an existing configuration.
Open “Update a connection” workflow
Change the connection timeout to a larger value
Execute the workflow
Please note that receive timeout is double of connection timeout. So, if you enter 60 in the steps 2, plugin will wait for 2*60 seconds for an API response from vCloud Director.


o11nplugin-vcloud- get_app