Cloud Director no longer referencing the expected VM in vCenter
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Cloud Director no longer referencing the expected VM in vCenter


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VMware Cloud Director


  • Cloud Director no longer points to the correct VM in vCenter.
  • Post cloning operations of a VM in vCenter, Cloud Director no longer references the correct VM.
  • Post using a 3rd Party solution to restore a VM in vCenter, Cloud Director now references the wrong VM.
  • Actions such as Power On/Off initiated in Cloud Director result in the wrong VM in vCenter being Powered On/Off.


VMware Cloud Director 9.x
VMware Cloud Director 10.x


This issue occurs when more than one VM with the same cloud.uuid exists within the inventory of vCenter.
The issue will only manifest when external actions are performed against the Cloud Director VM directly in vCenter or via 3rd Party Backup and Restore solutions.


This is not an issue with VMware Cloud Director, but is as a result of external manipulation of Cloud Director objects.

To workaround the issue, see the Workaround section below.

To resolve this issue, you need to ensure that the cloud.uuid value is unique in vCenter, or removed completely from the VM you do not wish Cloud Director to manage.

To identify affected Cloud Director VMs, you can connect to the Cloud Director Database and run the following SQL.

Modification of the SQL below may be required to fit your unique scenario.

vmi.moref as VMINV,
vm.moref as VM,
cvm.vmmoref as CVM,
vmi.vm_path_name as VMINV_DS,
vm.location_path as VM_DS,
from vm_inv
inner join vm_inv vmi on vmi.cloud_uuid = vm_inv.cloud_uuid
left join vm on vm.moref = vmi.moref
left join computevm cvm on cvm.vmmoref = vmi.moref
left join datastore_inv dsi on dsi.moref = vm.dstore_moref
--where like '%<Name of VM in vCenter>%'
order by vmi.cloud_uuid;

For information on removing the VM from Cloud Director's scope, see the Related Information.

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