Unable to configure neutron with NSX-V during new deployment of VIO 6.0
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Unable to configure neutron with NSX-V during new deployment of VIO 6.0


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VMware VMware Integrated OpenStack


  • Using VMware Integrated Openstack 6.x
  • When you run "Validate" in the Neutron step of the New Deployment Wizard, the following error is returned:
"The current input NSX-V Manager is not match with the selected vCenter Server, please select or add the correct vCenter Server first."


VMware Integrated OpenStack 6.x


This issue is caused by a number of factors, some of which are known to be:
  • Lookup Service or vCenter Server URL format differs from VIO
    • i.e. Using IP for NSX to vCenter, and FQDN in VIO
  • The VIO management plane being in a different L3 network than the management vCenter and NSX Manager. 


The internal OpenStack API VIP needs to be L2-adjacent to the vCenter and the NSX Manager instance.

For the scenario where the URLs are potentially causing the issue, please check the following to validate:
https://<nsx manager ip>/home.html#/manage/components/vshield

For the scenario where L3 networking may be the issue, static routes can be used in this situation but the static routes may be overwritten during an upgrade or cause untended consequences with day two changes or future upgrades.

Note:  This has not been tested by development and is not recommended for production environments.