VM/IP address_changed event is triggered in Cloud Director
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VM/IP address_changed event is triggered in Cloud Director


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VMware Cloud Director


  • Several events are generated for VMs informing that "VM/IP address_changed successfully".
  • Cloud Director will not change the NIC configuration of the GuestOS based on the alert or based on the Guest Tools information received from vCenter.


VMware Cloud Director 10.x


VM/IP address_changed events can occur in Cloud Director on releases prior to 10.4.x.
Cloud Director reports guest tools information received from vCenter for VMs managed by Cloud Director.
Long running operations on a VM, for example taking a snapshot or a guest OS reboot can cause vCenter to see VMware Tools as not running and set guest propertes like the VM's IP Address to an empty value.
When VMware Tools is seen to be running again the VM's IP Address is updated in vCenter to the original value again, but vCenter can send this to Cloud Director as a VM/IP address_changed event.


This is a known issue in VMware Cloud Director 10.2.x and 10.3.x releases where these events can be ignored as false as they are triggered without any change of VM IP Address taking place.

This issue has been fixed on Cloud Director 10.4.x and later releases where these types of VM/IP address_changed events are no longer reported by Cloud Director.