Guidelines for Migrating Tenant Storage
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Guidelines for Migrating Tenant Storage


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VMware Cloud Director


The Tenant Storage Migration Wizard simplifies the task of moving an organization’s assets to another datastore. The wizard relies on vSphere features, including Storage vMotion and Storage DRS, to enable this migration. Before you schedule a tenant storage migration, take some time to familiarize yourself with the requirements imposed by these underlying technologies and how best to meet them in the context of specific organizations, datastores, and storage platforms.


VMware Cloud Director 10.x


Although the Tenant Storage Migration Wizard allows you to set up storage migrations for multiple tenants, the system limits the number of individual storage-consuming items (VMs, vApp templates, catalog items, and so on) that are migrated in parallel to avoid overloading vCenter or exceeding the vCenter limits on concurrent storage migrations. In the default configuration, the system configuration property vcloud.concurrentTenantStorageMigrationLimit is set to a value of 4, so that no more than four items are migrated in parallel.

You can use the cell-management-tool manage-config subcommand to change this value. vSphere imposes a hard limit of eight parallel storage vMotions, so setting vcloud.concurrentTenantStorageMigrationLimit to a value greater than 8 is equivalent to setting it to a value of 8.

Monitoring Storage Migrations

You can use the Tenant Migration tab of the Cloud Director Web Console Logs page to view the status of queued or in-progress migrations, and to cancel an in-progress migration.

Datastore Accessibility

At least one target datastore must be accessible to the ESXi host running the migrated VM.

Additional Information

For more information on Migrating Tenant Storage function review the VMware Cloud Director documentation, Migrate Tenant Storage.
For details of the cell-management-tool manage-config subcommand see the VMware Cloud Director documentation here, Updating Application Configuration Settings.