How to set a maximum size limit on Tenant VM disks in Cloud Director
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How to set a maximum size limit on Tenant VM disks in Cloud Director


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VMware Cloud Director


This article details the option to limit the maximum size of disks for Tenant VMs in Cloud Director.

  • Requirement to set a size limit for VM hard drives created by Tenant users in Cloud Director.


The cell-management-tool manage-config subcommand can be run on one of the Cloud Director Cells to set a maximum capacity limit for VM disks. The vmlimits.disk.capacity.maxMb configuration parameter can be set to control the maximum size allowed.

By default no vmlimits.disk.capacity.maxMb configuration is set:

$VCLOUD_HOME/bin/cell-management-tool manage-config -n vmlimits.disk.capacity.maxMb -l
Property "vmlimits.disk.capacity.maxMb" does not exist

To set a maximum capacity limit for VM disks, for example 1000000 Mb, change number value as needed:

$VCLOUD_HOME/bin/cell-management-tool manage-config -n vmlimits.disk.capacity.maxMb -v 1000000

Once set the current vmlimits.disk.capacity.maxMb configuration can be listed:

$VCLOUD_HOME/bin/cell-management-tool manage-config -n vmlimits.disk.capacity.maxMb -l
Property "vmlimits.disk.capacity.maxMb" has value "1000000"

To remove the limit, delete the custom vmlimits.disk.capacity.maxMb configuration:

$VCLOUD_HOME/bin/cell-management-tool manage-config -n vmlimits.disk.capacity.maxMb -d
Property "vmlimits.disk.capacity.maxMb" has been deleted

Additional Information

Updating Application Configuration Settings


Setting a maximum capacity limit for VM disks will stop any Tenant user across all Organizations from provisioning a VM disk larger than this limit.

NOTE: System Administrators are not affected by the limit and can continue to make VM disks larger than the limit.