Build numbers and installer versions of VMware Cloud Director
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Build numbers and installer versions of VMware Cloud Director


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VMware Cloud Director


This article provides information on build numbers and installer versions of VMware Cloud Director.


This table lists the VMware Cloud Director build numbers and installer versions:
 Version Release Date Build Number Installer Build Number
VMware Cloud Director
VMware Cloud Director 10.5.111/30/20232282116422821417
VMware Cloud Director 10.507/18/20232208004722080476
VMware Cloud Director 10.4.301/09/20242306464323065616
VMware Cloud Director
VMware Cloud Director
VMware Cloud Director 10.4.2  04/18/20232159598521596272
VMware Cloud Director
VMware Cloud Director 10.4.1  12/08/20222091262420912720
VMware Cloud Director 10.4    07/14/20222007901720079248
VMware Cloud Director
VMware Cloud Director
VMware Cloud Director
VMware Cloud Director
VMware Cloud Director 10.3.304/14/20221961059519610875
VMware Cloud Director
VMware Cloud Director 10.3.2a 02/23/20221937505119375095
VMware Cloud Director 10.3.1  10/14/20211873857118738799
VMware Cloud Director 10.3    07/15/20211829583418296069
VMware Cloud Director 10/20/20222062433920642423
VMware Cloud Director 04/14/20221958054819585218
VMware Cloud Director 03/24/20221948135919482051
VMware Cloud Director
VMware Cloud Director 09/16/20211863422818634229
VMware Cloud Director 10.2.2   04/08/20211785568017855679
VMware Cloud Director 10.2.1   01/14/20211744439717444454
VMware Cloud Director 10.2 10/20/20201700805417029810
VMware Cloud Director
VMware Cloud Director 10.1.4  02/24/20221936383619363837
VMware Cloud Director 10.1.3  03/04/20211767285117672887
VMware Cloud Director 10.1.2  08/27/20201677929716779634
VMware Cloud Director 10.1.1  05/28/20201628299516288798
VMware Cloud Director 10.104/09/20201596723615967253
vCloud Director for Service Providers09/17/20201686914916869394
vCloud Director for Service Providers04/30/20201608183016094943
vCloud Director for Service Providers01/14/20201544963815450333
vCloud Director for Service Providers09/19/20191463891014636284
vCloud Director for Service Providers04/30/20201608182716082348
vCloud Director for Service Providers01/23/20201549829115498290
vCloud Director for Service Providers09/05/201914535248N/A
vCloud Director for Service Providers07/02/201914046945N/A
vCloud Director for Service Providers5/16/201913635483N/A
vCloud Director for Service Providers3/28/20191299003312989839
vCloud Director for Service Providers07/11/201914106983N/A
vCloud Director for Service Providers3/28/201912985626N/A
vCloud Director for Service Providers3/21/201912810525N/A
vCloud Director for Service Providers12/13/201811038216N/A
vCloud Director for Service Providers10/04/20181026618910264774
vCloud Director for Service Providers1/29/201911994470N/A
vCloud Director for Service Providers11/06/201810585452N/A
vCloud Director for Service Providers6/19/20188825802N/A
vCloud Director for Service Providers6/19/20188825802N/A
vCloud Director 9.1 for Service Providers03/08/201879058397905680
vCloud Director for Service Providers8/30/20189841134N/A
vCloud Director for Service Providers1/16/201875532737554058
vCloud Director for Service Providers11/11/201770333857034009
vCloud Director 9.0 for Service Providers9/17/201766795796681978
vCloud Director for Service Providers8/30/20189814592N/A
vCloud Director for Service Providers3/19/201768753546875852
vCloud Director for Service Providers5/18/201754397625515092
vCloud Director 8.20 for Service Providers2/21/201750706305070903
vCloud Director for Service Providers10/19/201768785486883868
vCloud Director 8.10.1 for Service Providers12/06/20164655197N/A
vCloud Director 8.10 for Service Providers5/26/201638797063880025
vCloud Director for Service Providers5/17/20163864078N/A
vCloud Director 8.0.1 for Service Providers3/15/20163635340N/A
vCloud Director 8.0 for Service Providers09/10/20153017494N/A
vCloud Director for Service Providers5/17/20163814650N/A
vCloud Director 5.6.5 for Service Providers12/10/20153307437N/A
vCloud Director for Service Providers04/09/20152619597N/A
vCloud Director 5.6.3 for Service Providers10/07/20142116763N/A
vCloud Director
vCloud Director 5.5.64/14/20163764659N/A
vCloud Director 5.5.510/22/20153153714N/A
vCloud Director 5.5.407/09/20152831206N/A
vCloud Director 5.5.33/23/20152578696N/A
vCloud Director
vCloud Director 5.5.209/09/20142000523N/A
vCloud Director
vCloud Director
vCloud Director
vCloud Director 5.5.103/11/20141654672N/A
vCloud Director 5.5GA09/02/20131323688N/A
vCloud Director
vCloud Director 5.1.31/16/20141489357N/A
vCloud Director 5.1.24/25/20131068441N/A
vCloud Director 5.1.110/25/2012868405N/A
vCloud Director 5.109/10/2012810718N/A
vCloud Director 1.5.212/10/2012924077N/A
vCloud Director 1.5.14/16/2012622704N/A
vCloud Director 1.509/01/2011464915N/A
vCloud Director 1.0.102/11/2011356485N/A
vCloud Director 1.0 GA8/30/2010285979N/A