Topsec vDFW-N for VMware NSX for vSphere 6.x
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Topsec vDFW-N for VMware NSX for vSphere 6.x


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VMware NSX Networking


This article provides information about Topsec solution for VMware NSX for vSphere 6.x.
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Topsec vDFW-N

The Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) with VMware NSX network virtualization enables fundamentally more agile, efficient and secure data centers. Working together, VMware and Topsec have integrated their best of breed virtualization and advanced threat prevention technologies to enable the efficient delivery of applications and security assurance to realize the full value of Sofware-Defined Data Center architectures.  
The combination of Topsec vDFW-N which is a virtual appliance solution and NSX logically extends advanced threat prevention further into the data center fabric. This enhances NSX native microsegmentation capabilities to deliver advanced security services like FW, Application indetify, IPS, AV, QoS, Waf, Keyword filtering etc. wherever needed. In the event of a breach of a single node or segment of the network, the threat is easily and effectively contained and isolated. This distributed security architecture enables Topsec  best-of-breed network security services to be inserted at the vNIC level, for extremely granular control, enhanced visibility and superior threat prevention.
Supported Software 
  • VMware vSphere version: 6.0, 6.5
  • VMware NSX version: 6.2.4, 6.3.0 (*)
  • Partner Service Manager: Topsec vSecCenter
  • Partner Service: Topsec vDFW
  • VMware NetX Lib version: VMware-NetX-6.2.3-3979471
VMwareNSX 6.2.4/6.3.0(*)

* For more information on the additional supported software, see the VMware Compatibility Guide.
Download and Install the Product on VMware Products Please contact [email protected] to get the Topsec vDFW-N software.

Refer to attached User Manual for installation.
Support Information
Troubleshooting (logs, procedures and techniques), see the attached Support Doc on Page 1.
How to Collect Logs from Partner SVM, see the attached Support Doc on Page 5.
How to Upgrade from Previous Partner Solution Versions. see the attached Support Doc on Page 5.
Sample Problematic Scenarios and How to Address Them
  • Most common misconfigurations, see the attached Support Doc on Page 6.
  • Troubleshoot a sample error, see the Support Doc on Page 6.
Error codes     
  • 200000  "internal error"     
  • 200001  "invalid input"     
  • 200002  "nothing to do"     
  • 200003  "vfw not found on host"     
  • 200004  "obj is in middle state"     
  • 200005  "should release all of its servers before removing center"     
  • 200006  "please remove center one by one"     
  • 200007  "this center is locked, please wait and retry"     
  • 200008  "this center already exists"     
  • 200009  "this vfw is bonded with a server"     
  • 200010  "center is not found"     
  • 200011  "register nsx service failed"     
  • 200012  "netx is for VMware NSX only"     
  • 200013  "unregister nsx service failed"     
  • 200014  "sync info from nsx failed"     
  • 200015  "get NSX-manager cert failed"     
  • 200016  "wrong mode"     
  • 200017  "should release all of dvs before removing center"
Best Practice, see the attached Support Doc on Page 8.
Support Process
Topsec Service Advantage  
Contact Information
Tel (8610)-82776666
Service Hotline




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