Checklist to validate Network Function (DU/CU) deployments
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Checklist to validate Network Function (DU/CU) deployments


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This article is intended to provide checklists to confirm the supportability of a successful RAN Network Function deployment. VMware by Broadcom considers a Network Function (DU/CU) to be complete and in a supported state only if all the applicable conditions in these checklists are met.


TCA 2.x, and 3.x.

TCP RAN 1.5, 2.x, 3.x, and 4.x.


Please download the appropriate TCA and TCP RAN checklist from the attachments below to validate the supportability of a successful TCP RAN NF (DU/CU) deployment.

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TCA_3.1.1_and_TCP_RAN_4.0.1_NF_checklist.pdf get_app get_app get_app
TCA 3.1 and TCP RAN 4.0 NF checklist.pdf get_app
TCA 3.0 and TCP RAN 3.1 NF checklist.pdf get_app
TCA 2.0.1 and TCP RAN 1.5 NF checklist.pdf get_app
TCA 2.2 and TCP RAN 2.2 NF checklist.pdf get_app
TCA 2.0 and TCP RAN 1.5 NF checklist.pdf get_app
TCA 2.1 and TCP RAN 2.0 NF checklist.pdf get_app
TCA 2.3 and TCP RAN 3.0 NF checklist.pdf get_app