Software and Driver Version Compatibility Matrix for RAN workloads
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Software and Driver Version Compatibility Matrix for RAN workloads


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VMware Telco Cloud Automation VMware Telco Cloud Platform RAN


Each version of Telco Cloud Platform (TCP) RAN requires a specific set of software and drivers when deploying the corresponding version of Telco Cloud Automation (TCA).


TCA 1.x, 2.x, and 3.x.
TCP RAN 1.x, 2.x, 3.x, and 4.x.


Download and refer to the TCA Bill of Materials (BOM) required for each version of TCA RAN. These TCA BOMs detail the software and driver specifications required for each version of TCP RAN.

The list below outlines the corresponding versions:

  • TCP RAN 1.0 requires TCA 1.x.
  • TCP RAN 1.5 requires TCA 2.0 or TCA 2.0.1.
  • TCP RAN 2.0 requires TCA 2.1.
  • TCP RAN 2.2 requires TCA 2.2.
  • TCP RAN 3.0 requires TCA 2.3.
  • TCP RAN 3.1 requires TCA 3.0
  • TCP RAN 4.0 requires TCA 3.1.
  • TCP RAN 4.0.1 requires TCA 3.1.1.



BOM_TCA3.1.1_TCPRAN4.0.1.pdf get_app
BOM_TCA2.0_TCPRAN1.5.pdf get_app
BOM_TCA1.x_TCPRAN1.0.pdf get_app
BOM_TCA2.0.1_TCPRAN1.5.pdf get_app
BOM_TCA2.1_TCPRAN2.0.pdf get_app
BOM_TCA2.2_TCPRAN2.2.pdf get_app
BOM_TCA2.3_TCPRAN3.0.pdf get_app
BOM_TCA3.0_TCP RAN3.1.pdf get_app
BOM_TCA3.1_TCPRAN4.0.pdf get_app