BMA Imaging Workflow Failure in Post Validation with ESXi 8.0
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BMA Imaging Workflow Failure in Post Validation with ESXi 8.0


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When attempting installation of ESXi 8.x on a bare metal using BMA Imaging Workflow, the image gets installed, but the workflow fails in post validation. The post validation section of the log will show the following error:

"host_version": {"message": "Validation version for host is: {\"result\":\"\",\"error\":\"Error: Unable to request a pseudo-terminal\",\"success\":false}",
"status": "false","time_taken": "2 seconds"}}


VMware Bare Metal Automation for VMware Telco Cloud Platform 3.0


Starting from vSphere 8.0, ESXi uses the OpenSSL 3.0 FIPS provider. As part of the FIPS 186-4 requirement, the RSA key size must be at least 2048 bits for any signature generation, and signature generation with SHA1 is not supported.

BMA plugin for SSH is not compatible with this requirement, due to which post validation fails.


To resolve this issue, install the attached SSH plugin by following the steps outlined below:
  1. Download the plugin attached to this article titled
  2. Login to BMA 3.1 UI
  3. Click on ‘Global Settings’ and click on ‘Integrations’
  4. Select the ‘redfish’ under the ‘Integrations’ and delete it.
  5. Click on ‘Import’
  6. Click on ‘Select the integration package’
  7. Select the SSH plugin zip file (imported in step 5 titled and click on ‘Upload Integration’
Note: When the SSH plugin is uploaded, an error message is displayed which has no consequence and can be ignored. The error message is “The blocks were added to the flow editor but the worker cannot be reconfigured,  so workflows using these blocks may not execute correctly.”

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