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CA-Telon component modules


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Telon Application Generator


We don't have available what Telon modules or macros are used to generate or execute a specific piece of Telon. 

Examples of what would be helpful are:

1. If you are generating a COBOL program, you need COBOL Language CBC5100 BC 
2. If you are generating a PL.1 program you need PL/I Language CBL5100 B5 
3. If your Target environment is CICS you need CICS Target CBO5100 BF 
4. If your Target environment is IMS, you need IMS/DC Target CBR5100 BB 
5. If DB2 is a part of your target environment you need DB2 Target CBP5100 B0 
6. If you access DL/1 Databases(CBLTDLI or EXEC DLI) you need IMS/DB Target CDT5100 B3 
7. If you bring up your TDF under TSO you need TSO TDF CBN5100 ZG 
8. If you bring up your TDF under CICS you need CICS TDF CBM5100 ZF 
9. All the components use the Base (CA-Telon Application Generator) CWL5100 FI 

So depending on what you generate or execute in your shop, will determine what Telon components you are using.


Release: ESBTLN99000-5.1-Telon-Extended Support Basic