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Why Security String of Global Collection is not inherited?


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CA Spectrum


I have set a Security String on Global Collection model and I expect the Security String is inherited to its member models, however it is not. This Security String inheritance works if I set the Security String on a Network container for example, but not on Global Collection. Why doesn't Spectrum inherit Security String to its member models?


Component: SPCCSS



By default Spectrum does Security String Roll Down (inheritance) based on specific Relations only, i.e.

  • Application
  • Can_Assign
  • CollectsChassis
  • Collects
  • Contains
  • Manages
  • Organizes
  • Owns
  • Provides

Global Collection has either dynamicGlobalCollects or staticGlobalCollects Relation to its member models and by default Security String Roll Down were not targeted to those Global Collection's Relations.

Additional Information

Please reference the "How to Customize Security String Inheritance" section of the documentation for more information.