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The CA Service Desk Manager service and the Event Log Watch service on Windows are each marked as an interactive service. Is this required or can the designation be removed?


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On our CA Service Desk Manager 12.9 primary server, the Windows services named CA Service Desk Manager Server and Event Log Watch are each marked as an interactive service. Our system team are asking if they can remove this definition due to security concerns.   Are the services required to be defined as interactive services?



1.  It is OK to un-mark the CA Service Desk Manager (SDM) service as an interactive service because that service does not function as an interactive service.

2.  Event Log Watch services is part of CA Licensing.  When CA SDM has no inter-dependency with the Event Log Watch service, then from the perspective of CA SDM, it is OK to un-mark the service as an interactive service.

The dependency between CA SDM and the Event Log Watch depends on the version of CA SDM that is running in the environment. It may also depend on the patch level of CA SDM.

For CA SDM 12.9 and above, there is no inter-dependency or association between CA SDM 12.9 and Event Log Watch.

For CA SDM 12.7, you may apply the CA Service Desk Manager patch that updates the license model.  The patch removes the inter-dependency of CA Service Desk Manager on the CA Licensing functionality.  After the patch is applied, license keys are no longer required to be used to unlock functionality within CA Service Desk Manager.  The 12.7 patch is RO53914 and is available from the CA Service Desk Manager 12.7 Solutions & Patches page on the CA Support site.

Note that if there are other CA Products installed in the environment, those products may still have a dependency on Event Log Watch.

Additional Information:

For information about Windows Interactive Services, including security reasons for removing the unnecessary designation if it exists, please review the information on the page at the following link:, or search the web site for "Interactive Services".



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