MSP (New Driver) ETC values are altered when project is open in MSP


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Using the 14.2 new MSP driver, work (ETC) that are entered in MSP from a Monthly time scale are saved to CA PPM correctly, but when the project is opened back out to MSP, the ETC for each of the last day of a month - if not falling into non working day will be set to 0. The total ETC is decreased for the task.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a project in clarity, with one task and one resource having availability of 8 hours per day.
  2. Set Task date from 3 August - 31 December 2015 (the duration should span several months)
  3. Assign that resource to that task
  4. Open the project in MSP 2010 (New Driver) from CA PPM.
  5. In MSP on the Task Usage Tools page set the Timescale to display Monthly and modify ETC values for each month as follows;
    • August - 10 hrs, September - 20hrs, October - 30hrs, November - 40hrs, December - 50hr
  6. Save changes to Clarity and close MSP down.
  7. Open Project in CA PPM, On the task list page add a Timescale value field showing monthly ETC from August to December 2015.
  8. The monthly ETC displays correctly In CA PPM as per values saved from MSP 2010
  9. Now open the project as read\write in MSP2010 again
Expected Result: Monthly Task ETC values to shows values as shown in in step 5 above
Actual Result: Monthly Task ETC values are altered eg: Aug - 10.25hrs, Sept - 18.37hrs, Oct - 30hrs, Nov - 39.83hrs, Dec - 48.27hrs. Last day of months such as Aug 31 has 0 ETC


Applies to all supported PAS environments for specified releases.


Caused by CLRT-78676


Resolved in CA PPM 14.2 Generic Patch #6. 

This issue only occurs in v14.2 ; it is not reproduced in v14.3 ; therefore you won't see this issue listed in the Resolved Defects for v14.3


Enter ETC in Weekly time scale instead of Monthly time scale.  

Additional Information:

Reference TEC1398937  : PPM 14.2 Generic Patch available to resolve reported issues



Release: ESPCLA99000-14.2-Clarity-Extended Support Plus