NSX-T Load balancer stats from edge nodes are not consistent
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NSX-T Load balancer stats from edge nodes are not consistent


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  • Current session counter of Virtual-Server or pool is greater than the real number.
For example, if you see the current number of sessions for VIP is 716 but if you actually count the session number using the session-table it is 102, which is far less than the stats output.
​​​​​edge01> get load-balancer <UUID> virtual-server <UUID> stats
Virtual Server
UUID                            : <UUID>
Display-Name                    : lb-pks-<UUID>-virtual-server
VIP                             : TCP
Type                            : L4
Sessions                        :
    (Cur, Max, Total, Rate)     : (716, 749, 140784, 0)
Bytes                           :
    (In, Out)                   : (7863722100, 3133046605)
Packets                         :
    (In, Out)                   : (22142738, 10807216)

edge01> get load-balancer <UUID> session-tables | count
Number of lines that match pattern '': 102


VMware PKS 1.x
VMware NSX-T Data Center


If an old pool member has been deleted, stats are not cleared from the Virtual-Server counter and the Pool counter


This issue is resolved in VMware NSX-T Data Center 2.5, available at VMware Downloads.

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