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Clarity: Cannot edit hours on an Adjusted timesheet for one or more tasks in Clarity PPM


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Clarity PPM On Premise


Sometimes the Timesheet user is not able to edit some rows/tasks when creating a Adjustment.  This issue happens in both Classic and the New User Experience (UX). What is the reason for locking out some rows?  Is there specific data criteria that drives the logic for this behavior where not all lines are editable? 

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Post a Time sheet against two different projects. 


2. Close one project for time entry while keeping other projects in the timesheet open for time entry.


3. Access the posted time sheet and click on Adjust button.  

Results: The time entry / line against a project closed for time entry becomes non-editable



Component: PPMTMM, ODTMM


The rows on the Timesheet adjustment page works based on the 'Open for Time Entry' attribute and the existing time entry becomes non-editable when the project or the specific task is closed for time entry. If you have posted a time against couple of projects and the open for time entry is set to 'No' for one or more rows on the timesheet, you will still be able to adjust the timesheet, but the hours entered on the rows which are closed for time entry will be read only. This is working as designed and it ensures that if the project or the specific task is closed for time entry you will not be able to adjust the existing entries again.


  1. Check to make sure the following is set for the impacted task(s)
  • Related project is still active and Open for Time Entry
  • Task attempting to be adjusted is still Open for Time Entry
   2.  Make sure the resource is Open for Time Entry on the team. You may need to add that field to the team list page.




Additional Information

CA PPM Community Posting : Clarity PPM Tech Tip: Open for Time Entry Attribute 

KB: 27000: Timesheet Population (What determines tasks appearing on a timesheet)


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