[VMC on AWS] Unable to activate Windows Server license with SPLA
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[VMC on AWS] Unable to activate Windows Server license with SPLA


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VMware Cloud on AWS


This article provides information on what to do if you are unable to activate your Windows Server license.

After run the activation script (Activation.ps1), the following error message is displayed.

This version of windows doesn't have licensing key attached
Please check in VMC console if your cluster is activated and supported version of windows is getting used.


This is a known issue that may not be enabled depending on the state of VMware Tools and the target virtual machine.
To resolve this issue, apply the workaround.

1.If you are activating an other version than Windows Server 2019 Datacenter, VMware will need to make sure that the version is available to your SDDC after you enable Windows Server licenses from the VMC console. If you want to use an other version of Windows Server, Please contact VMware support via Support Requests.

2.Please activate the license after vMotion to another host.
3.Please activate the license after rebooting the target virtual machine.
4.Please refer to the following documents and activate the license after re-installing VMware Tools.
The following message will be displayed when it has been successfully activated.
Successfully activated the windows instance."

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