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S878 abend when explaining with PROCVIEW=Y


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I am getting an Abend S878  while doing an Explain with PROCVIEW=Y. Turning off PROCVIEW resolved the problem. It was failing both online (TSO region size 131072) and Batch Region=OM without any exit. This only affects one system. Why only this system?



When PROCVIEW=Y is turned on, PPA is required to recursively parse through every dependent view or MQT statement in that query and build the associated data structures necessary for the selected reports. 

Certainly, if one system has a larger number of views or MQTs that can impact storage demands.

It also depends on:

- The SQL statements being processed and the number of view/MQT levels that need to be traced through.

- The number of collections or packages to be Explain, 

- The number of  reports selected.  



Turning Off PROCVIEW will resolve the symptom.



Component: PPADB2