Unable to delete host because it does not exist or has an associated reservation in vRealize Automation
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Unable to delete host because it does not exist or has an associated reservation in vRealize Automation


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VMware Aria Suite


  • Cannot delete a cluster.
  • In the vRA reports, you see an error message similar to:

    Error - Cannot delete host POC_vRA either POC_vRA does not exist or has associated reservation
  • There are no reservations that look to be associated with the host when looking in the vRA UI.
  • Provisioning will be affected referencing a reservation that does not appear in the vRA UI’s reservation list.


VMware vRealize Automation 7.0.x


This issue occurs because when a host is removed from fabric group, reservations on that host become invisible.


To resolve this issue, add the host back to the fabric group.
  1. Log in to vRA UI as a Fabric administrator.
  2. Navigate to Infrastructure > Endpoints > Fabric Groups.
  3. Select the Fabric group where you want to remove the host and click Edit.
  4. Under the Compute resources section, select the host in the Fabric group to add and click OK at the bottom.
  5. Navigate to Infrastructure > Reservations > Reservations.
  6. Remove the reservation associated with the host you want to remove.
  7. To remove the inactive hosts, use Cloud Client tool. For more information, see VMWARE {code} - vRealize CloudClient 4.1.
  8. When logged in to cloud client, run this command to list inactive hosts:

    vra computeresource inactive list

  9. Stop all IaaS proxy agents and confirm that you have a valid backup of your IaaS database before proceeding.
  10. To remove the inactive hosts, run the command:

    vra computeresource inactive remove

Note: The Cloud Client will present you with a few warnings ensuring that you have taken the appropriate precautions to rollback the procedure in case something goes wrong. Stopping the proxy agents and taking a backup of your database should be proficient to recover but we always recommend snapshots as well. Proceed with the prompts after taking the necessary precautions to protect your environment.