Lenovo Hardware VXLAN Gateway for VMware NSX-V
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Lenovo Hardware VXLAN Gateway for VMware NSX-V


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VMware NSX Networking


This article provides information about Lenovo CNOS hardware VXLAN gateway for VMware NSX-v 6.4.1.

Lenovo Cloud Network OS (CNOS) hardware VXLAN gateway services for VMware NSX solution provides a high-performance network fabric that seamlessly connects workloads on the virtual network to devices connected to the physical network. 
Lenovo’s VXLAN gateway services integrates with VMware’s NSX solution to extend communication from the virtual overlay network to non-virtualized devices connected to external network.  This allows devices from existing physical networks like bare metal servers, database servers, and other non-virtualized systems to participate in the same network.
Performing hardware VTEP services, the encapsulation and de-capsulation of Ethernet frames to route traffic across the logical network infrastructure (independent of physical location), enables Lenovo to provide a robust and resilient L2 Gateway for VXLAN connectivity over any supported IP fabric.  Lenovo CNOS supports deployment options for both standalone and high availability gateway servers.

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VMware NSX for vSphere 6.4.x


Lenovo Cloud Network OS (CNOS) Hardware VXLAN Gateway

Supported Hardware
  • Lenovo ThinkSystem NE1032 RackSwitch
  • Lenovo ThinkSystem NE1032-T RackSwitch
  • Lenovo ThinkSystem NE1072-T RackSwitch
  • Lenovo G8332 RackSwitch
  • Lenovo G8296 RackSwitch
  • Lenovo G8272 RackSwitch
  • Lenovo ThinkSystem NE10032 RackSwitch
  • Lenovo ThinkSystem NE2572 RackSwitch 
Supported Software
  • Refer to the VMware Compatibility Guide for supported switch software versions for NSX Platforms.
  •  Product Interoperability Matrix link.    
  • No additional software is required to support VMware product. 
  • Instructions for configuring Lenovo hardware VXLAN gateway are available in the documentation links provided under Support Information sections.
Support Information
  • Switch logs and support information can be obtained directly from the switch by providing copies of the technical support dump and any core dumps captured on the switch.  Also, a port-level topology diagram is beneficial for reproducing or isolating any technical issues.
  • Product documentation is provided in the Network Virtualization chapter of the Rackswitch Application Guide which can be accessed using the Documents Download Center.
  • Latest version of CNOS Product Firmware can be downloaded from the Firmware Download site.
  • Switch software upgrade procedure is provided in the Switch Software Management chapter of the Rackswitch Application Guide which can be accessed using the Documents Download Center.
  • Technical support, verification of service level agreements, and escalations can all be handled through our Support Services organization at 1-800-426-7378 (U.S.) or through the Worldwide Support Call Centers (for outside U.S.).
Additional support information

Sample problem scenarios include:
  • VXLAN gateway not available – due to VXLAN tunnel IP not configured; fix by manually configuring tunnel IP.
  • VXLAN tunnels across more than one next-hop is not working across L2 network; due to Trident2 limitation L2 underlay does not support for multiple hops.  For Trident2 platforms use a L3 routed underlay.