Unable to delete the Gateway address of an external network in VCD 8.0
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Unable to delete the Gateway address of an external network in VCD 8.0


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VMware Cloud Director


This article provides steps to delete incorrect network configuration in vCloud Director Network specifications.


Unable to delete the Gateway address of an External network in vCloud Director from the Network Properties.


This issue occurs because when you assign the Gateway address to External network, you only have an option to modify the Subnet. There is no option to Delete.


To workaround this issue, uncheck the option to Disable the incorrectly configured Network specification for the external networks.

To delete the incorrect network specification for the external networks, complete these steps:
  1. Schedule a maintenance window to stop the VCD cells.
  2. Back up the VCD database.
  3. Connect to VCD database and run the following command:

    select * from ip_scope

    Note: Ensure that is_enabled column is set to 0 (Disabled) in the output.
  4. After you locate the correct id for the corresponding (Incorrect Gateway Address), run the following command:


    delete from ip_scope where id = (Id of the Incorrect Gateway output from the previous command)

    Alternate example:

    delete from ip_scope where gateway = ‘’;

  5. Ensure that the changes are affected by running this command:

    select * from ip_scope

    In the VCD UI > Network Specification tab, you should see address details similar to:

Additional Information

Before making any changes in the VCD database, ensure that the database backup is in place.